Not all photos are created equal. As a photographer, having a good eye is important. It’s the difference between just OK and very good. If you want to use photos to market your business, bad ones can hurt your name. You want fantastic. Sometimes I see photos from photographers who say they are professional, and I think some leave a lot to be desired. I’m someone who lets my photos speak for themselves. I work very hard to create good products. Also I do not use photoshop. If I can’t shoot a good photo through hard work and spending the time needed, I’m not going to cheat on them. My main objective is to do interesting and unique photos. This page shows samples of my work. If you feel I’m someone who can help you or your business, I’d love to hear from you. Customers will always get my very best. Thank you for seeing here.

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I’ve been fortunate to work with many lovely and nice ladies. But no matter the age, the right look is always very important. And personality is extremely important also. Have a good one and you will go far. It was indeed a real treat to meet and work with all of the people here. Also, all my photos use natural lighting and are not retouched.

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