My photography rates are $40 per hour or a discounted rate for four hours. I normally shoot outdoors only. Natural lighting is always the best. My HD video rates are $50 per hour. This is for the Sarasota County and Manatee County areas. Anything out of this area must include a small reasonable traveling fee discussed and agreed to up front. Don’t be shy let’s talk. Also I’m extremely flexible and can work with all budgets. Also people who can add something special to my portfolio I will shoot free of charge and share all items. I also have no problem doing all varieties of work. I also have over 4,800+ photos on: Flickr-Rinehart Video Productions

Also keep in mind that some photographers who call themselves professional show how inexperienced they are with bad cropping. When you see hands, elbows, feet, heads, hats on heads, and other things that are cut off, that is a cardinal sin and is totally unacceptable. The entire photo is ruined when this is done. That’s a fact. So look carefully at a photographers work before hiring them. The money and time you save will be your own.

IMG_5012-001I’m a 60 year old guy in Sarasota and native Floridian. Shooting unique interesting photos is what I enjoy and work hard at. Also keep in mind that photo-video shoots are always more productive, relaxed, and less stressful away from crowds. People and commotion can take up valuable time. So always take that into account beforehand. I’m just a regular kind of guy that’s honest, personable, and considerate. Also I’ve been a trusted eBay seller (neonguy1956) since 2003 with over 300+ perfect transactions. Taking care of customers is important. Being personable, hard working, honest, and reliable is what I’m all about. Contact me at for all inquiries. Let’s talk. Thanks for seeing here.

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  1. This is the only way I could readily find contact with Charles Rinehart.

    This is in response to the story of the Ozark Airlines DC3 story.

    Id was a Station Agent for Ozark when this airplane was flying with them. Of course, I can’t describe all my experiences with Ozark here, but a little synopsis.

    I was with Ozark a short time — 1958 to 1960. When I joined Ozark they had 18 of these DC-3s, but sometime then, they acquired three DC3s that were formerly with NorthWest “Orient” airlines. I don’t recognize the “N” number, but it would be one of these. The original Ozark DC-3s had full wheel covers (Gear Doors), and this aircraft does not. They also had an upgraded engines and “sawed off exhaust stacks”….were a little faster and had more power.

    Obviously, this aircraft has the 2 + 2 seating arrangement which was characteristic with the Ozark DC3s…total of 28 passengers. Original DC 3s had only 21 seats in a 2 + 1 arrangement. I remember when Ozark took delivery of these aircraft…they only had the 2 +1 seats…obviously, Ozark changed them out.

    As you may know, United airlines flew these before WWII. The predecessor to the DC3 was the DC2 flown by TWA, Difference was a narrower fuselage and fewer psgrs. When United went to Douglas Aircraft, they specified more passengers, hence the DC3. The military literally had thousands of these aircraft, known as the C47. After the war, many were sold at a very reasonable price to new startup regional airlines like Ozark, Lake Central, Allegheny, Piedmont, etc., etc.

    Of course, one can find gobs of information on the internet. I have many “airline” stories. I later moved over to United where I saw the dawn of the jets.

    I now am also a historian and have been instrumental with several new startup commuter airlines….now semi-retired.

    Herman J; Lueckenotte
    602 Mesa Ave.
    Jefferson City, MO 65101

    Phone: 573 635 7077

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