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Hello I’m Charles Rinehart in Sarasota Florida. I’m a videographer, photographer, and super small entrepreneur. Location, luck, timing, and lighting are everything with photography. Being at the right place at the right time is so important. I’m fortunate to have some pretty nice cameras, and feel I have a pretty good eye. If you’re a business, having excellent photos on your website is very important, and will attract more customers and make you stand out from your competition. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your products and services with photos soon.

IMG_9936As a business it’s important to be ahead of your competition on search engines. Word of mouth is good, but a strong presence online is crucial. A long with photos, videos are an excellent way to create great exposure. You don’t need a big company to create a marketing video for you. Most video production companies are expensive. Look into working with an independent person. Check out what they may offer. A simple and short video is very good, and can be very effective in creating exposure.

Usha 2011I use the two most popular websites to showcase my work. YouTube and Flickr. YouTube everyone knows about. It’s the biggest and best. And Flickr is without a doubt the most popular photo website. That’s a fact. Most professional photographers are on Flickr. So by having exposure at just those two sites chances are good Google will rank you pretty high with searches. It only takes one photo or video to be seen on a Google search to connect with all your other items. If you are looking to hire someone to help you with creating online exposure, check them out. Google them. See what kind of exposure and content they have. Then you can make the right decision.

Vanissa In Myakka City 9-11-12Many people and businesses do not realize about the advantage of using photos online, and a lot of additional exposure and marketing can be utilized by having them. Many times when people do searches, instead of the time consuming task of looking through website links, it’s much faster and easier to look through images to find what you need. You’d be surprised how incredibly effective photos can be. And of course not all photos are created equal. They need to be good ones.

IMG_4472No matter whether you’re a business or an individual, time is money. Marketing is an investment, not an expense. Get your name out there in as many places as possible and start being rewarded. Having the kind of photos and videos that will make you stand out from your competition is important. You should always stay ahead of the pack. Thank you for seeing and stopping by.

About Charles Rinehart

My name is Charles Rinehart. I'm a 59 year old videographer, photographer, and super small entrepreneur in Sarasota Florida. I love shooting photos and videos. However it can be very challenging at times. But the results are worth it. For me, photography is about luck, timing, lighting, and location. Those things are all very important. I'm always on the lookout for interesting and unique photo-ops. Subject is everything in a photo like a good script is to a movie. I work hard to get the very best photos I can. I'm available for photo shoots at affordable prices. Business or individual. All over Florida. Let's talk. I'm just a regular, very personable, and down to earth guy. My reputation is extremely important to me. I've also been a trusted eBay seller (neonguy1956) since 2003 with a 100% perfect feedback rating on over 300+ transactions. Plus I'm a verified seller with PayPal. Any questions I'd enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for stopping by.
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  1. Lester C. Muller says:

    Hi, Charles – saw your video on YouTube and sent you the following link to see our chemtrail sunset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTar1GQFknk

    I might suggest that you also take a look at the following page:

    This page will be of help to you in doing research as to what chemtrails are.

    Among other things, the nano size aluminum oxide particles block the roots of plants so that it is difficult for them to take in the necessary water, etc needed for proper growth — hence, poor harvests. Who has developed an aluminum oxide resistant seed? Monsanto. Who does the spraying? The geoengineering project. Who is a big supporter of geoengineering? Bill Gates? Who owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto? Bill Gates? The deeper you dig, the more dirt you find.

  2. Lester thanks for the update and links. Disgusting what they’ve been doing with the aerial spraying. I always let others know about this with my photos and videos. Thank you so much for adding your great info here. Take care.

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